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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 17, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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using oakland as a dumping ground. this giant pile of trash seemed to just pop up overnight. what investigators have learned about where it all came from-- and why. a woman's body. matching the description of a missing hiker on mount tamalpais. has been found. after a search this evening. kron four's jeff bush is live on mount tam with tonight top story. jeff?
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search and rescue teams were out in full force on thursday afternoonlooking for 50 year old maria sanner of mill valley. police say that sanner and a male friend were out hiking late wednesday. the sun went down and sanner decided to head back, while her friend continued down the trail. sanner never made it to her car. her father became worried when he got a phoe call about sanner's dog running free. it wasn't until this morning, sometime late this morning that he was contacted because someone found her dog. when the father asked where the dog was located, he said the dog was running free in this parking lot at the mountain home in in mill valley. the dog was waiting next to her car. search crews were looking for her all afternoon but the search was called off when a body
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matching her description was found. all this comes less than a week after the body of another female hiker was found on saturday. sheriff's deptuies say there doesn't appear to be any connection in the two cases. there is no immediate concerns at this point from us here at the sheriff's office. i know there has been some talk and some speculation about the recent body that was discovered last weekend, miss glinkowski, and if there is any association. i want to say right now that there doesn't appear to be any, none whatsoever, connection between the death investigation, that we are still investigating, from last weeke nd, and the missing person investigation that we are conducting here today. the body of another hiker was found on mount tamalpais over the weekend. missing hiker. magdalena glinkowski.
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police are not yet sure exactly how glinkowski died. and say, it will take a couple weeks before they get results from toxicology tests. developing news from mount everest: an avalanche swept down the slopes just a few hours ago. at least six people are dead. and nine are missing. a tourism official in nepal says the dead are six local guides. four bodies have been recovered. rescuers are digging two more out of the snow. the avalanche hit a route used by climbers to assent the world's highest peak. rescuers and fellow climbers at a nearby base camp are heading to the area to help. the fans were ready and the ice was hot at the tank tonight in san jose. the sharks came out -- sticks blazing -- against the l-a
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kings in game one of the stanley cup playoffs! kron four's philippe djegal is in san jose for us tonight. philippe?
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our own vicki liviakis from enjoying herself. here she is. with former sharks captain owen nolan. there on the right. frantic 9-1-1 calls capture the chaos of the bus crash near chico last week.
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that call was included on the 9- 1-1 recordings released today by the c-h-p. shrieks can be heard in the passengers who escaped the bus. struggled to describe the crash to dispactchers. 10 people died in the fiery wreck along interstate five. investigators were at the scene today.trying to re-create the deadly crash.and figure out what caused this tragedy. cal-osha is fining bart for an accident that killed two maintenence workers during last year's bart strike. the state safety agengy has fined bart 210-thousand-dollars for three safety violations. a bart train hit and killed laurence daniels and christopher sheppard last october. while they were inspecting the tracks between the walnut creek and pleasant hill stations. bart says, it has upgraded its safety procedures. and solved the issues that led to the workers' deaths.
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a teacher at san leandro high school is behind bars, accused of having a sexual relationship with a student. leon chang turned himself in to
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san jose police today. school administrators reported the relationship to police. after it was reported to them. investigators say, they found evidence linking chang to the teenage girl. chang is being charged with two felonies. a san jose family is grieving the death of a baby. left in a car for more than nine - hours. the boy's father told police, he forgot to drop his 9-month-old son at the babysitter's, before parking on payne avenue. that's where he picked up a truck for his job servicing vending machines. a friend of the father, who lives in the house where the car was parked, said he had no idea the child was inside. so far, no charges have been filed against the father, but the case has been passed on to investigators with the district attorney's office for further review. in san francisco today, friends and family mourned the loss of a mother and son who died in an apartment fire on wednesday morning. the apartment has been boarded
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up and a small memorial has taken shape just outside the front door. kron-4 spoke with neighbors today.who say they are very shaken up by this. new details about a teen girl found naked. pepper sprayed. and crying for help in berkeley. san francisco police are now in charge of figuring out not only where but who allegedly snatched the 16 year old victim, robbed her of belongings and raped her. police say once they pinpoint where in san francisco she was taken they will go to the neighborhood to talk with witnesses and search for surveillance video. police say based on the girl's appears to be a case of human sex trafficking . only on kron 4--
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the intent francisco at 21 year- old was arrested here at&t part was the night game against the darterogers. because he sensed a large firecracker into a bar.
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nome was hospitalized however few as incomes of hearing loss. bunches and bunches of garbage -- covering what seemed like a half a city block in oakland. an investigator with the district attorney's office said the trash came from as close as oakland and as far as lafayette -- from people who thought east oakland's amnesty dumping program ended yesterday -- as originally announced. the program actually ended abruptly on monday. so everything you see here. was from last-minute dumpers. who were actually two days late. early tomorrow morning, san francisco will commemorate the 108th anniversary of the devastating 1906 earthquake. the annual ceremony begins at 5 a-m at lotta's fountain at geary, kearny and market streets. sirens will sound at 5:11 -- the moment the quake struck.
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earlier today, city officials commemorated two fire hydrants by painting them silver. historians say, the hydrants were cruicial to the post -quake firefight. a day after single- day tickets were announced, the outside lands concert is almost sold out! all general admission tickets for friday, saturday and sunday are sold out. v-i-p tickets for saturday's show are also gone. you can still buy v-i-p tickets for friday or sunday. they're nearly 250- dollars each. the 3-day v-i-p tickets are also still available -- for 595- dollars right now we see increasing clouds with a little bit of rain to the northwes. for in and now is
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to be low '70's.
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there's a small chance of rain late monday and sports. giants fans bring out the brooms as they try to sweep the hated dodgers. . and the sharks explode in game one of the their stanley cup playoff series aginst the l-a kings. j.r. has the highlights and reaction. next!!! playoff series aginst the l-a kings. j.r. has the highlights and reaction. next!!! safeway gets that staying on budget can be a real bear. that's why they've got lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. for easter, cadbury mini eggs are only $2.69. talk about a sweet deal. and arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. there's more savings to love at safeway. ingredients for life.
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i'm j.r. stone in for gary radnich tonight.tonight the moto was a simple one.beat la. outside of the playoffs the next best thing today in the bay area.giants baseball. the young fans came out as well.hoping to see their teams shine. we go to the 2nd.gregor blanco.hits a is deep but yasiel puig makes a spectacular right after he dropped one too. then in the fifth. adrian gonzales an rbi single off madison bumgarner.justin turner scores.two to nothing dodgers. bottom of the 8th look who makes an appearance.brian wilson.allows two base runners but gets buster posey to fly out to finish the inning. giants with one more shot in the 9th.brandon crawford has a shot to keep the rally going ball.that's the final out.dodgers win 2-1. they avoid
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the sweep. an nfl dot com report has surfaced about quarterback colin kaepernick. insiders say that contract talks have stalled between the quarterback and the team whiile police investigate an incident at a miami hotel earlier this month. kaepernick is under contract until the end of this coming season. kaepernick is
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expected to be signed for at least 18 million dollars a year. but again it appears those talks have stalled. warriors will start the playoffs in los angeles saturday against the fact the first two games of this series will be in southern california before they come back later next levi's stadium is looking a little nicer this evening. crews began putting down the grass today in santa clara. this is the same grass that was
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used at candlestick. also the same grass that is used at at&t park. it comes from southern california. wow.this looks good. interestingly enough when levi's stadium does open the san jose eathquakes will be the first to play in the new stadium.not the 49ers. and send us your videos for our sports night live segment called."my kid's got game." if you have a cute, funny or just plain impressive sports video of your child.submit it to us and we may run it on the air sunday night during sports night live. just go to kron 4-dot-com to submit your video. that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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it's official. chelsea clinton is pregnant. >> we have our first child arriving later this year. >> and fake kidnapping uproar. a little boy snatched from a park. they thought it was real. >> this is outrageous. >> one cop said he almost shot you. >> then, don't drink the water. 38million-gallons down the drain. all because this knuckle head peed into a reservoir. and -- >> the guy who was fired for being a slob. >> he lost his job because he kept wearing t-shirts and flannel shirts on live tv. then, are selfies spreading lice? could putting your heads together when you take a selfie be


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